« Rethinking Megaprojects Delivery Models », an interview with John Steen


(English will follow)
De passage à Montréal, John Steen, professeur en Analyse Stratégique à l‘Université Queensland Business School en Australie, nous a expliqué les fondements de sa recherche et l’utilité de ses résultats pour les décideurs et acteurs-clé des organismes publiques et privés.

While in Montreal, John Steen, Associate Professor in Strategy at the University of Queensland Business School in Australia, explained his research work and the usefulness of its findings for private and public sector decision-makers.

Abstract/Résumé :
The persistent disappointment with megaproject delivery performance is well documented. This is a concern because megaprojects will become an important feature of the 21st century industrial landscape as we deal with increasing needs for water, transport and clean energy. While some scholars have recommended better planning processes at the front end of the megaproject to combat cost and time overruns, others have suggested that flexibility and adaptation to emergent challenges are keys to better megaproject performance. Using quantitative and case-study data from a five-year study of the Australian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry I show that the internal organisation of these multibillion dollar projects has a large influence on their capacity to solve problems before they impact upon project performance. Furthermore, the ability of megaprojects to change decision clusters called ‘domain’ decisions through flexible management and executive leadership is key to success adaptation during project construction. I conclude with some thoughts on innovations in megaproject delivery models.
My colleagues Sam MacAulay, Jerad Ford and Paul Spee have been co-investigators in this research.

About John Steen/À propos de John Steen :
John Steen is Associate Professor in Strategy at the University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane and Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Business and Economics. John is currently leading major international research studies on the subject of innovation and sustainable development in the resources sector and in developing economies. This includes the transition to new digital business models and performance in megacapital ($1billion +) projects, particularly in the resources sector. Current partners in these projects include University College London, Cambridge University, University of British Columbia, Government of Vietnam, Queensland Government, UQ Sustainable Minerals Institute and Ernst and Young (EY). John is highly sought after as a guest speaker and commentator and has given talks on strategy and innovation to businesses and governments in Australia, Asia and Europe. In 2014 he released two reports on the future of the global mining industry with EY that received international media coverage, including commentary in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. John is currently editor for the Project Management Journal – the research journal of the Project Management Institute.