[2021-09-09] During the Annual General Meeting and the board of directors that followed, several new members were appointed to the Board of directors and the scientific committee. The Consortium welcomes them.


Guy Laroche leaves the Board

First, KHEOPS would like to acknowledge the continuous support of Guy Laroche, chief of the Real Estate Projects and Programs office of the City of Montreal. He was involved with KHEOPS since the beginning of the adventure. Early summer, Mr. Laroche retired, leaving at the same time his seat as an observer on the board of directors. KHEOPS community takes this opportunity to warmly thank Mr. Laroche for his commitment.


Three new members on the Board of Directors

Three new members were appointed on the Board of Directors. Sylvie Godin, Chief Executive Officer of Infrastructure Council, And Komlan Sedzro, Dean of École des sciences de la gestion de l’UQAM, are now serving as directors. Eve Malépart, interim Division head of the Real Estate Projects and Programs office of the City of Montreal, replaces Guy Laroche as an observer.


Two new members on the scientific committee

The board of directors appointed two new members on the scientific committee.

Alice Jarry is an artist and an Assistant Professor at the department of Design and Computation Arts,Concordia University. She holds the Research Chair Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality*. She has been working with KHEOPS for several years. For example, she created the exhibition Dust Agitator Series presented during KHEOPS Summit on infrastructures and social issues. More recently, she participated in the Colloquium Integration of Non-Financials Benefits in Major Projects as a speaker.

David Talbot is an associate professor at École nationale d’administration publique. His expertise is in project impact assessment. He also works on sustainable development, environmental and social impact assessment, measure and performance evaluation or on corporate social responsibility.

KHEOPS welcomes Sylvie Godin, Komlan Sedzro, Eve Malépart, Alice Jarry and David Talbot, and thanks them for their commitment.

* The Research Chair Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality is KHEOPS latest research collaborator. More about it soon.