$25 000 offered for the execution of a knowledge synthesis carried out in partnership between academia and the world of practice.

This $25 000 grant follows the call for proposals published by KHEOPS in September 2021:  KHEOPS Knowledge synthesis partnership program.

The fund is offered to Pr Robert Pellerin, from Polytechnique Montréal, for his research project on the governance of our built environment towards sustainability through life cycle assessment. This project will be carried out in partnership between a research team from Polytechnique Montreal and Pomerleau.

“The main objective of this research project is to conduct a review of the models, process, tools, innovations, as well as the life cycle assessment (LCA) practices that have been exposed in the literature over the past 10 years, and that support the development of a sustainable governance for megaprojects in built environment. We also aim to study the role of the client in the LCA operationalization as well as the role of every stakeholder at each step of the project’s life cycle.”

The selection committee congratulates Mr Pellerin and his team, Mario Bourgault, Virginie Francoeur, Marcelin Joanis et Manuele Margni, for this project. The committee would like to thank the other applicants who submitted high quality proposals.