[2021-10-25] KHEOPS and the Université de Sherbrooke solar park (3IT.helios) are launching a joint call for Interest about the social value of the solar park.

What kind of value does this infrastructure create for the various partners involved? That is, for Université de Sherbrooke, its industrial partners and the wider community?

This call for expressions of interest is intended to support the development of a research project, conducted in partnership with KHEOPS and the 3IT.helios platform, concerning the social value of the Université de Sherbrooke solar park and its social impacts.

The research project developed will allow for an understanding of how the solar park creates social value for the living environment in which it is integrated, and how much value it creates.

Stimulated by KHEOPS, the solar park undertook to move forward with the innovative principle it proposes, in order to make this university infrastructure more than just a place dedicated to applied engineering research by creating a unique location for social science research: a social innovation laboratory.

  • This call is addressed to the KHEOPS scientific community and researchers at Université de Sherbrooke, in order to conduct a research project on the topic of the solar park’s social value.
  • To promote this project, KHEOPS is offering funding, while the 3IT.helios platform is offering access to the solar park. 

Important dates

  • December 5, 2021, 5 p.m.:  Deadline for submitting applications
  • Week of December 13, 2021: Announcement of results

Photo credit : Université de Sherbrooke