Organizational Project Management: Theory and Implementation


This research investigates the integration of all project-related activities within an organizational hierarchy or network. The purpose of this project is to identify patterns in the way firms and institutions organize themselves in order to find, select and execute their projects most efficiently.

Organization Project Management (OPM) is an integrative capability to foster and perform horizontal and vertical integration and coordination of the project management related activities, using the organizational resources for the purpose of achieving organizational effectiveness.


An integrated, seven-layered model that organizes 22 OPM elements has been developed by the research team.


A survey has been developed to assess the integration of project management activities within an organization. It helps to establish OPM implementation profiles and to fine-tune them for improved organizational results. Results from the assessment will be sent to the respondent of the survey.

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Publications & conferences


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Workshop developed to improve the project management practices of an organization, based on the results from the OPM assessment survey. Two supporting reports were produced.