Megaproject Leaders: Reflections on personal life stories


Published Jan. 2021


Edited by

Nathalie Drouin

Shankar Sankaran

Alfons van Marrewijk (VU University Amsterdam)

Ralf Müller


This book analyzes the life stories of 16 megaproject leaders from 10 different countries. 18 international academics present the results of two years of research and interviews with the leaders.

This book is based on a reflective methodological approach. In presenting the lessons learned through experience, it allows to have a new perspective on megaproject management and to identify new trends.

Drouin, N., Sankaran, S., Van Marrewijk, A. & Müller, R. (eds). (2021). Megaproject Leaders: Reflections on personal life stories. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

They talk about the book

New book explores personal experiences and perspectives of megaproject managers, published by PM World Journal, August 2021.

Walker, D. (2021), “Book review – megaproject leaders – reflections on personal life stories“, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Vol. 14 No. 4, pp. 1046-1063. 

A review [in Dutch] in the national no1 construction magazine Cobouw describes the book as “a “must read” for all those who dare to allow for ambiguity, insecurity and complexity in their projects”: Megaprojecten: menselijke leiders gevraagd –
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Maude Brunet, HEC Montréal

Stewart Clegg, University of Technology Sydney

Andrew Davies, University College London

Nathalie Drouin, Université du Québec à Montréal

Daphne Freeder, University of Technology Sydney

Ashwin Mahalingam, IIT Madras in Chennai

Harvey Maylor, Oxford University

Ralf Müller, BI Norwegian Business School

Bernard Naughton, University of Oxford

Shankar Sankaran, University of Technology Sydney

Yvonne Schoper, University of Applied Science Berlin

Natalya Sergeeva, University College London

Quian Shi, Tongji SEM

John Steen, University of British Colombia

Alfons van Marrewijk, VU University Amsterdam

Linzhuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology

Chao Xiao

Fangei Zhu, Dalian University of Technology




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