Plusieurs membres de la communauté de recherche KHEOPS participeront à cette conférence virtuelle au sein du groupe d’intérêt stratégique Project Organising (SIG 10).

🔸 Charlotte Alix-Séguin et Nathalie Drouin : Port development and social acceptance: exploring key dimensions of a community stakeholder engagement process in the context of a major Canadian infrastructure project (1546).

🔸 Monique Aubry : Revisiting organizational design in the light of isomorphism and equifinality: insights from the study of three major transformation projects (1527).

🔸 Monique Aubry et Skander Ben Abdallah : Dealing with the unpredictability in Projects: a proposal for an integrative theoretical framework (1637).

🔸 Monique Aubry et Alejandro Romero-Torres : Mining Capital projects: achieve the strategy and objectives of mining companies through an efficient project selection process (1040).

🔸 Skander Ben Abdallah et Pierre-André Hudon : Explaining the patterns of convergence and divergence in the development of major infrastructure projects. (1356).

🔸 Martina Huemann : Project Stakeholder discourse in the International Journal of Project Management: Towards engagement (1866).

🔸 Lavagnon Ika et Graham Winch : Moving external Project Stakeholder Research forward: Three lessons from participation in international development (1178).

🔸 Ralf Müller : Where does project governance come from? The genesis and structuration of governance in interorganizational (1623).

🔸 Yvan Petit : Fixed Capacity and beyond Budgeting – A symbiotic Relationship within a scaled agile Environment (1244).

🔸 Alejandra Romero-Torres : The most significant change for project management practices during the Covid-19 pandemic: contrasting perceptions across project management positions. (1536).

🔸 Shankar Sankaran : Value co-creation in developing sustainable cyber-physical product service systems: Applying design science research method (1229).

🔸 Martina Huemann : Symposium – Resilience and Projects: An Interdisciplinary Crossroad to Reshape the World.

🔸 Monique Aubry, Nathalie Drouin, Martina Huemann et Ralf Müller : Project Organizing Kick-off Session (SIG 10) – Meet the Project Organizing Editors.

🔸 Monique Aubry : modératrice de la cérémonie de remise des prix.

🔸 Nathalie Drouin : présidente de la session Governance and leadership (ST10_01 Multi-level Perspective on Major and Megaprojects).


 16-18 juin 2021

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